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Who am I? Maarten van Aken ''photographer and videomaker'' My passion for photography is very strong and started when I was about 10 years old. I like to work out my ideas perfectly. With exactly the right image of my surroundings I always surprise the customer. I take the challenge to take my passion and to make your day beautiful. I do that by image and video. I am a passionate and 'I want to know it all'-photographer. My beginning to learn about making pictures started in the nature of the Netherlands in 'de Veluwe'. For the time being I had a quite luxurious camera. At that time it already made pictures with an SD card. I am a boy at the age of 20 so I basically growed up without photorolls. It is for me quite nice to take pictures in nature and add them the taste of the shots that I take in city life. Ofcourse I try to look at everything with a different aspect and with a natural eye for detail. Important is that I take jaw dropping images. I have a good eye for structual of every activity where you hire me for.
My work
Bussiness footage Wedding Reports Concert or festival photography
Bussiness footage A bussiness is very important for the economy. It needs to be ahead of it's time and needs to be catchy. Customers or clients must feel what a bussiness has to offer. Me ofcourse want to think about how to put your bussiness on the market to make good impressions on the market. Above here a picture of a company that wanted to put himself in the spotlights. Wedding reports It is most refered as the 'most beautiful day of human life'. Marriage happens only once in a lifetime. The weddingdress has to fit. The suit has to sit tight. The cake must be delicous. The DJ needs to play the perfect records. Everything needs to be planned so well that it'll be a day that you will never forget. I, as photographer would like to be a part of that. Let me turn all your memories of this day in vast images and vast videoclips. Weddingreports are in my opinion the most fun things to do. It is very important for you that it will be day to never ever forget. Up here is a photo of 'THE KISS'. One of the beautiful moments at weddings. Concert or festival photography For myself I like to join concert from various artists and bands. People love it to see men in a rockband screaming and sweating on stage. It shows them their love and taste for music and that they put effort in what they do. Me as photographer would like to put those moments to a vast image. Above here a more recent picture.

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