Who am I? Maarten van Aken ''photographer and videomaker'' My passion for photography is very strong and started when I was about 10 years old. I like to work out my ideas perfectly. With exactly the right image of my surroundings I always surprise the customer. I take the challenge to take my passion and to make your day beautiful. I do that by image and video. I am a passionate and 'I want to know it all'-photographer. My beginning to learn about making pictures started in the nature of the Netherlands in 'de Veluwe'. For the time being I had a quite luxurious camera. At that time it already made pictures with an SD card. I am a boy at the age of 20 so I basically growed up without photorolls. It is for me quite nice to take pictures in nature and add them the taste of the shots that I take in city life. Ofcourse I try to look at everything with a different aspect and with a natural eye for detail. Important is that I take jaw dropping images. I have a good eye for structual of every activity where you hire me for.
ik zal 'm doen!
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